• Marination’s Hawaiian-Korean cuisine melts delicate heat and the flavors of aloha together in your mouth. Our menu has expanded considerably in the short few years we’ve been operating, but we’re best known for our tacos which come in
    four flavors: spicy pork, kalbi beef, ginger miso chicken, and sexy tofu. Yes, our tofu is sexy. Real sexy. So are the folks
    who enjoy it.  Here are some highlights from our main menu.  Pics and descriptions of the new menu items available at Marination ma kai are coming soon. For now please take a look at the ma kai menu.

    Tacos… oooh

    Each taco is made with two warm 4” tortillas, our Marination Brand Nunya Sauce, signature tangy-sweet slaw, and a tasty protein from the following list… And don’t forget the sesame seeds, lime, and some pickled jalepeno slices!

    We typically suggest 3-4 tacos for a meal, so you can mix-and-match! (or one of each, never disappoints!)


    Miso ginger chicken – Sweeter than a third-grade crush! Miso and ginger are no-doubt romantically involved with this chicken, and together they’ll leave your taste buds seeing stars. The feeling seems to extend to our customers… Those who choose the chicken stick with it!


    Kalbi – Tender short ribs marinated in Kamala’s version of the iconic Korean recipe. Soy-based marinade all hugged up with garlic, and a mistress of citrus to satisfy your need for salty-sweet variety love. All we know is our people don’t like to go long without it!

    Spicy pork – Our new-school take on Bulgogi, the Spicy pork is cooked with onions and jalepenos that give it a real zing. It’s the spiciest protein we offer, but it’s still totally tastebud-friendly! — Try it on top of the kimchi-fried rice to kick both up a notch ;)


    Sexy Tofu  What makes our tofu sexy?? YOU DO! Marinated in our Kalbi marinade, sexy tofu is our primary Vegetarian offering! Give it a try some time and see what you’ve been missing!



    Warm and soft, stuffed with our signature slaw and your choice of juicy, shredded kalua pork, or SPAM! Nunya sauce on the Hawaiian sweet roll buns for good measure. Decadent simplicity and definitely a fan-favorite.. *You wouldn’t know it was SPAM if we didn’t tell you, and when you’re done you’ll understand why it’s the unofficial national food of Hawaii.




    Kimchi Rice Bowl

    A little spicy, a little sour, a lotta awesome… Topped with a perfectly-fried egg, our kimchi fried rice might qualify as a seriously addictive substance. But not only is it 100% legal, it’s yours for under eight bucks! Even with one of our delicious proteins. Y-U-M, yum!

    Kimchi Quesadilla

    Ten-inch tortilla filled with cheese, kimchi, cilantro and optional Kalua pork… Grilled on both sides, drizzled with crema and topped with a sweet chop slaw and pickled jalepenos. SAY WHAT?! Enjoy at your leisure. ;)

    SPAM Musubi

    Marination’s original wordsmith called it a “perfectly grilled slice of SPAM makin’ love to a paddy-cake of rice wrapped in a seaweed blanket. Think SPAM sushi.” Coveted by those who know and feared by those who don’t, the SPAM musubi is a must-try, and is also always available at ma kai (as well as its brother the Portuguese sausage musubi)! Available at the truck and station on Mondays!


    THIS IS TORTA!!! It starts with a tasty baguette from Macrina Bakery. We smear on some house-made guacamole and pile up the spicy pork, then top it with slaw, pickled onions and jalepenos. It’s MESSY, so remember napkins and don’t plan to use your cell phone for a good ten minutes (it’s good for you ;) ). It also sometimes makes a guest appearance on the truck!





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