• Marination – A Story

    It started with a truck, some exquisite marinades, and a lotta love.

    In 2009, fresh off a big market crash, Marination owners Kamala and Roz decided on a new kind of investment: running their own business. But not just any business, the food truck business.

    Big Blue took to the streets in June, with smiles for miles and a unique Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine in tow. And she brought friends! (See: Dawnelle down below).

    Over one million tacos and nearly five incredible years later, Marination has grown into one big Aloha family! That’s one truck, one little brick-and-mortar in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, and one beachside restaurant with a FULL bar, huge patio, and a TO DIE FOR view. Our commitment to serving up Everyday Aloha extends throughout each of Marination’s locations.

    We believe in fun. We believe in flavor. We believe in delivering daily Aloha to Seattle!

    And we support these beliefs by hiring vibrant, joyful people to prepare, cook, and serve our saucy and delicious fare; to connect with our customers and share a smile or a joke; and to facilitate our events and catering operations.

    The people have spoken again and again about how our spicy, tangy, sweet and aloha-laden fare brightens their day (if not the whole week!) Featured in local and national press, Marination’s success grew organically through word-of-mouth — and we’re proud of that!

    A strong social media presence has allowed us to stay connected with the awesome people who love our food, bring their friends, and cater their events and meetings. More importantly, with the help of our awesome order takers, we’ve been able to keep our business centered on the people who’ve taken us to where we are.

    Want some scratch-based street food that’s bursting with flavor? A great place to meet friends and enjoy the city? Asian fusion for lunch?

    Look no further!





    Meet Kamala (ka-MAH-la). Kamala is a Seattleite hailing from Hawaii. And she’s a bit Korean, too. If you’re looking for Kamala, you can typically find her surrounded by comrades, yelling at a large plasma TV during (insert sport here) season. She really likes sports a lot. And she’s a pretty good sport herself, so that makes sense to us. She also lists beer, friends, community, the view from her back porch, Fiji, and marinating anything with enough surface area for sauce under the “Things I Like” column.

    She works really hard, and is known to hand pick her colleagues from the amazing talent pool she calls her friends. Marination is her current monkey, and if you’re reading this, that means there’s a website, which means all systems are go, which means she’s doing it right, which means she’s EXCITED! AWESOME!

    And hungry, probably. And wanting a beer.


    Roz’s business card should say Operations Eagle, or Eye of the Tiger, or Director of Many Things. If iPhone Apps had an end-user Olympics, the hardest part for Roz would be leaving her spreadsheets long enough to “train” in her event. She’s a Gadget Geek. A Research Hound. Marination’s Secret Weapon.

    Roz swears she’s petrified of everything, but the way she marches forward in life you would never guess it. She’s Chinese and Filipina by blood, born in Greece, and raised by a Japanese mom. She lived in Romania for three years and her eyes sparkle with a glimmer of Balkan love when it’s mentioned. But, like Kamala, she way, way, way loves Seattle. Been here for years. She also loves food, and turning good ideas into a reality. Like this idea Kamala had for a Hawaiian Korean taco truck one time…

    Dawnelle – Chief Order Taker of Awesomeness and Taco Queen

    Down since DAY ONE! Dawnelle is that joyful, dancing, singing, taco-slinging machine that you just can’t miss (or get enough of!) She’s probably complimenting your blouse, your eyes, or your taste in tacos right this second!

    When she’s not at Marination, she can be founded walking her two little daughters and talking with her two big dogs. She is also the undisputed captain of Marination’s A-squad karaoke team!

    Josh Kelly – Head Chef

    Josh and his epic fro-like hairdo (don’t call it a perm!) make up the team responsible for Marination ma kai’s exquisite extended menu, including those handcut fries that have been buzzing all over town, and the slap-you-in-the-face tasty Pork Katsu sandwich.

    He hates reggae, but only when it distracts him from managing Marination’s commissary, presiding over the kitchen, and crafting delicious specials for all of our Marination locations!




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